Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tabby's Puppies

It has been awhile since we have had a litter to post. Almost 2 months since the last one left. We took off so that we could enjoy Joshua's baseball season without worry about puppies at home. Well we now have the first of several litters this week. Tabby is our black based red long hair female. This is her first litter and she is a wonderful mommy. She takes care of them so well. They will be going home around June 8th. We have two females (red and black/tan) two males (reds) Females are $350.00 males are $300.00. Full Akc registration is $100 more.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Beau

I will be the first to admit, I am partial to the black n tan mini dachshunds. They have such a look to them. On December 22 Tootsie gave birth to three black n tans. 2 males and 1 female. We have sold all but one male. His name is Beau. I am a firm believer that there are reason why things happen. Well I could not figure out why no one wanted this little man. He has become my sweetheart. This week we realized that he had found his forever home. Ours. While lying in my lap I noticed that Beau was breathing harder. I picked him up and it was like he would grunt. After a couple of days of hearing I felt something was wrong with him, Ben said take him to the dr. I dropped him off at the vet and it was not long before I received a call from the vet. Beau has a congenital birth defect inwhich there is not a "wall" keeping his liver, intestines from going around his heart. Dr Andrew said that this was the first case in which he had seen this in a puppy this young normally this is something you find in 5 yr old dogs. After a 10 min phone call, I called Ben and said that Beau has found a home, ours. We both agreed that we could not let him leave our home. After a long meeting with the vet in his office looking over xrays, blood work, we have decided that we are going to let him be right now. Let him grow and at the age of 6 months go back and retest again. This will be a continual process in his life. The vet says that right now he is ok and there is no need of surgery this young. So right now we are loving him and spoiling him. and we have a Beau. The reason I am putting this in my blog is to let you know that we really do care about our puppies. A normal breeder would probably made the decision to have him put to sleep. Not us we believe that is the last resort. So when you come by and visit our kennels ask to see the king of the house Beau.

We have to be greatful that in 2 years of breeding this is our first puppy that has had any major problems.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dachshund shuffle

This is a new dance that we have created in the last couple of weeks. It seems that we have several females that have came into heat. So we have been shuffling females in and out of kennels rearrange kennels to get the right mix of male/female. So far we have Tabby, Muffin, Daisy, Foxy, Bunni that have came into heat and a couple of more any day now. By June/July we hopefully will have puppies to sale.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The great wall of Seymour

For about 6 months now we have been discussing how can we get more room for our puppies. If you have ever seen our back yard, it really is not a yard but a big driveway. It has gravel all on it. You could probably put four cars side by side that is how wide our driveway is. Well we decided to put up an area that would block off more area for the dogs/puppies. Ben worked very hard on the design of this. I would say it is a great design. He knows that I am very particular in the fact that I do not want for people to come up and all they see is a big fence. For over a week now we have been working on this area. We put up fence post and then lattice. This goes from one corner of the back of the house to the other corner of the house. To put this into more of a prospective. It has taken 16 pcs of lattice work to make this fence. Or as I jokingly refer to it as the great wall of Seymour. We have it up right now to the point that the inside dogs can go outside and run. The rottie really loves it. Unfortunately, mother nature is not cooperating with us and we have not been able to extend the kennels yet. There is also not a gate. So to access the house from the back right now, we have put up the swimming pool ladder to climb over the fence. Now can we say redneck.

Now hopefully after the time changes and the weather will break we can get the kennels expanded and let the other ones out. We are also decided on how to expand the kennels in the inside. We are wanting to divide them into the point that we have 8 kennels. That way we can have just a couple of dogs in one area. It seems that we have a couple of girls going into heat and things are a little snippy in their areas. Can we say cat fight???

So here is to the great wall of Seymour. Hopefully we can get it completed so that the dogs/puppies can run and play.

The name game

When we have puppies, we do not call them by any particular name. We feel that the new family should be the one that picks out the name. They will call us and we will start calling them by that name. This set of puppies, we had an Ellie, Sydney, Baxter, Jake and a Dozier. Now that all of the puppies who had families have went home, we have some left. We have a boy and two girls. So this weekend, we pay the name game. This is where we look at them and find the name that we fits them. We do not want them going any longer without a name. So we have Beau, Sissy and Lacy. Hopefully they will ony have to go by these names for just a few days until their new family arrives.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Go home weekend

We try to schedule go homes on weekends. That way the family and the puppy have time to bond before the family goes back to work/school and leaves the puppy alone. This weekend was go home time for two of our puppies. There are several times in the life of a puppy with us that I enjoy. Them being born, them opening their eyes, them trying to walk and them going home. I do not know who is more nervous, the puppy or the family. It is a big time in the life of the puppy. They are trying to learn to adjust with out mom but with the help of their brothers/sisters. The next step in their life is to learn how to adjust without them but with the help of their new family. We work very hard to find the perfect family for our puppies. Every puppy that leaves our home is told good bye and are given and hug and a kiss from us. We beg our familes to send us updated pictures of the puppies as they grown. If we get a pic from the family I try to put them on the site. This weekend Baxter and Ellie went home to be with their families. I had their stuff packed up and ready for them to go. The smiles on the face of the new family means so much. You know they are loved.

So this weekend was a wonderful weekend for Collins Doxies. We hope that we will have more to come. Sydney will be going home soon. He has a little bit to travel he is going from Tn to PA. But he is going home to Bella. She came from one of our litters last year. The family keeps us updated on her and we were very excited that they decided to add another one of our puppies to their family.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009